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Compare and contrast the art, philosophy, and culture of classical Greece with that of Hellenism?

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    Classical Greece=Hellenism.

    Classical Greece(a.k.a. the Hellenic period) is a period in ancient Greek history spanning roughly from when the written Greek language appeared in poetry like that of Homeros and Hesiodos(c.750BC) to the Makedonian conquests and the end of the Hellenic poleis' independence(c.323BC). Hellenism is the culture of this period.

    Perhaps you meant Hellenisticism (i.e. culture of the Hellenistic period). The Hellenistic period follows Alexandros the Great's death(323BC) up to the incorporation of Greece(146BC) and of Ptolemaic Egypt(30BC) into the Roman Empire. Hellenistic culture reflects the spread of Greek culture into foreign lands following Alexandros' conquests. These non-Hellenic cultures like that of Egypt, Persia, Baktria, and India were influenced and mixed with Hellenic culture. This blending of cultures is known as syncretism, examples of which can been seen in Greek-style sculptures of Buddha, new Egyptian gods like Serapis, and the Greek translation of the Jewish scripture in the Septuagint.

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    This is a whole essay. Not a question answer.

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    This is what I googled. 

    "Hellenistic studies focus on the study of the Ancient Greeks between 323 BCE and 146 BCE. The difference between the Hellenic period and Classical Greece lies in the date of 323 BCE: When Alexander the Great died."

    "In 510 BCE, the first democracy was created in Athens following the overthrow of the last Athenian tyrant, due to the efforts of Cleisthenes. The resulting democracy allowed for the flourishing of free-thinkers and writers, producing some of the most well-known achievements in art, literature, science, philosophy, and other sciences."

    Don't forget 510 B.C is actually before 323 B.C 

    I read through it and it sounds like it was a period of great freedom for art, philosophy, science and literature to develop. 

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    Compare and contrast your grade for the course if you do your own work vs. asking others to do it for you.

    You didn't wake up this morning with your head suddenly full of questions about classical Greek and Hellenistic art, philosophy and culture.  This looks suspiciously like a homework assignment. 

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    Wikipedia and Google can answer that for you in mere minutes of searching and reading. Try them, it's not like attempting rocket science or brain surgery.

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    Aren't they the same thing....?

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    I don't think I will.

    This is not the kind of thing you answer in a couple of lines. Hundreds of learned books have been written on the topic. I suggest you go and read even ONE of them.

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