how to keep radiators running if temp drops below 1ºc?

reason l want this is to prevent pipes bursting in my upstairs flat, where l thankfully do get some heat from downstairs.

thanks to the great yahoo answers community, l learnt that l should keep my heating running everytime temperature dips <0ºc, but how do l do this? my worcester 12i boiler has a dial that goes from snow flake symbol to flame symbol, 1 to 6 but no temperatures. so is the suggestion to keep it running at the snow flake symbol, with the left  heating button on 24hours when temperature dips <0ºc? do l have to keep all the radiators thermostat dials (on off rotation from 0 to 9) above 0? as  some rooms are just not used.

oh, is it damaging for the boiler to have the bar just above 2 at rest (havent used in 18hours). it goes up to about 3 with both heating and hot water on. worcester engineer serviced ~month ago, who said it is great condition.

thanks for help yahoo folks :)

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  • John P
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    There must be a thermostat in the system somewhere in the house. A small box with a dial marked on degrees C or F, or with a LED display showing temperature.

    Have you never used it to regulate the temperature that the boiler normally heats the house to?

    Just set the thermostat to around 3 C whenever you do not need heat in the house.  Quite possibly in modern systems there is a dual thermostat, you can set one for normal heat, and the other for 3 C etc. The snowflake symbol is most likely that lower setting.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Check the instruction manual, most boilers have frost protection. Normally it should come on at 5deg rather than wait for it to start freezing.

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