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Spell to keep creeps away? ?

I'm sick of being harassed by people. I have been followed in cars, I've been told that they had been watching me and following me for 20 minutes. How do I stop or limit these experiences? Is their a sigil, spell, ritual I can do to remove bad people whilst attracting good people for the purpose of friendships?

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    Wow what a stressful mess. You really need to learn how to deal with them. And stop going where they could try to pull that. You shouldn't talk to strangers hasn't anyone ever told you that. There are lots of really dangerous people out there. Ask around and see what other women would do. My guess is you should stop going where they can try and talk to you. And stay in public places were you could ask for help easily and draw a bunch of attention to you if needed. The opposite of that is going somewhere where there isn't a bunch of people. Get more street smart. These people sound super creepy and you are right. They could be rapists just keep learning ways to block them and get them in check and eventually they should realize that you aren't prey and you could potentially get them hurt. And are smart enough to know and not be prey to them. It's kinda seeming like that's what they think. Like they are testing your reaction and trying to see what they can get away with. Super creepy and threatening and dangerous they really need to F off. Stop dressing to in clothing that looks like you are trying to attract attention to might help. Like how people in bad neighborhoods act. I doubt they women ever leave the house alone. How to keep them away? Date someone who is also dangerous and has a family in gangs who could kill them if needed. Then you also run the risk that they could be bad and dangerous people to tho. Obviously that is a huge problem and nothing to joke around about. People could die doing that and you should never talk to strangers. I just literally had someone call my phone from sugar land Texas? I'm assuming it's one of your stalkers trying to get mad at me.. Lol.. You should never talk to creepy pos like them. Maybe calling the law and getting them in check with lots of evidence. And draw a bunch of attention to them. And try to get them killed. I mean if they don't leave you alone and obviously it seems like they aren't. What a stressful mess.

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    2 months ago

    U dont know     

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A gun ought to do the trick. Just make sure you know how to use it without looking afraid. You should always carry a baseball bat or other weapon in your car within your reach. Walk around with pepper spray and another weapon as well. Depending on what’s legal in your state, you can carry a taser, brass knuckles, or even a roll of quarters (hold it in your fist so when you throw a punch it’ll feel like getting hit with a rock. It’ll protect you from breaking your hand also). Take a self defense class. You can’t really stop someone from following you, but you can learn how to protect yourself in case you’re assaulted. If the stalking becomes criminal, call the cops. Unfortunately, stalking is very hard to prosecute if the stalker hasn’t actually hurt or threatened you. It’s not illegal to follow you in a car, no matter how creepy it is. I think you already know that witchcraft and spells won’t keep a stalker away. 

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