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worrying about future has not let me do anything remarkable. please help me.?

i am worried about future as i am unsure what to do after engineering, and i feel i am not capable enough to do the things like going abroad etc. our country is ****, so we need to study abroad and try to settle there. at least everyone in my country is doing that...but i am really worried about that since 2+ years, and not being able to take any decision. i have ruined a lot of my studies just because i was worried about this. please help me.

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    I like this quote it makes me feel less stressed. Anything can happen at any moment, so just focus on the present.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You've not thought this through. Studying abroad does NOT lead to living abroad. 

  • Rick
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    Your school should be taking part in your job search.  If you haven`t tried your school, do so.  If that doesn`t pan out, contact an outfit called MONSTER.  My son-in-law`s school set him up with his first job but it wasn`t what he really wanted to do.  He then contacted this Monster outfit.  They immediately set up an interview for him.  He`s been working there for about 20 yrs. now and he loves his job.  His engineering degree had something to do with computers.  That`s all I know about it.  I wish you luck.  Don`t get bummed out to quick.  It sometimes takes a time or two to get it right.  Best Regards,  -  Rick

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    Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas. Intent to remain is visa FRAUD, grounds for visa denial, or visa revocation with deportation, and permanent bar to reentry. Countries are really cracking down on visa fraud, intent to remain. You MUST return to your own country - and prove you have job opportunities in your country with your degree, and will return home, to get your temporary visa. 

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