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How to respond to someone unaccepting of those with disabilities?

My sons good friend is a boy with autism. He is a great kid, however a friend told me that she will not alone her child to be around my son if the other boy is there. She claims those with special needs are “dangerous.” I have tried to her her to open her mind view and not believe certain hurtful stereotypes, but she won’t seem to listen. How can I respond and help her see the way I think?

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    4 weeks ago

    Prejudice is prejudice. And there's no changing it. It's just like addiction in a lot of ways. People who hate others because of "differences" have to reach a point where they WANT TO CHANGE, before any attempt to get them to see reason will be effective. Otherwise, you're just blowing hot air.

    I feel sorry for this woman's son. She's setting a terrible example for him to follow- and believe me, he will follow what his mother does and internalize her attitudes, with the result that there will be another generation of that family which carries the hate forward with them into the future. These kinds of attitudes last for generations, even centuries.

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    There are lots of videos available on YouTube that you could use to open up a dialogue with her if she's willing to engage. However, sometimes you cannot change how people think, you can only choose how you react. That attitude is unacceptable and I would likely respond with, "I'm not sure where you got that information from, but it's false. If you'd like, I can share some facts about autism with you that might help you understand it a bit better. I cannot tell you who your child should or shouldn't be around, but this child is my son's friend and I will defend his right to have friendships despite his diagnosis. In our family we believe that all kids want to have fun and deserve respect." Try looking up Just Like You- Autism on YouTube

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