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what is the best way to loose weight without exercising if you have asthma?

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    Start by controlling portions. You don't have to count calories or grams of carbs or anything--just learn what the PROPER portion size is and stick to it for a couple weeks. It is a lot less food than you realize. Keep a food log and write down everything you put in your mouth--literally--everything. Even if you have a stick of gum. By writing down what you eat, you'll begin to see patterns emerge as to the type, portion size and quality of the food you eat. Cut down on the processed foods, the sugars, soda, and non-whole-grain carbs as much as you can. Do it a little at a time. 

    You know what a balanced diet consists of--everyone does. It's easy if you take a dinner plate and divide it into fourths. One section should be all your protein: milk, eggs, meat, fish, cheese. One section should be all your grains and breads--rice, cereal, etc. The remaining two sections (half the plate) should be in vegetables of the non-starchy type--the more colors of veggies you eat the better. (In other words, don't fill it up with only potatoes.) 

    If you divide all the food you eat all day into that sort of chart, you'll lose weight. 

    Also--you can lift weights. If you don't have actual barbells, you can use soup cans, or bricks--or rocks--or anything that weighs about 2 pounds. Start small. Work your way up to more weight. It requires no aerobic exercise to lift weights--and should not aggravate your asthma. 

    The more muscle you build through weights the more efficiently you will metabolize your food. 

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    swimming is good for you , diet , or work on your asthma so you can workout without it being so bad .

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    drinking lemon hot water

  • 1 month ago

    Lung transplant surgery so you can work out.

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  • 1 month ago

    Same as anyone else, eat less calories.

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    Take the extra and unnecessary "o" out of loose, then you will lose properly

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    Since weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, you can still lose weight without exercising. It is possible. However, even just going for a walk around your neighborhood or even a slow bike ride or jog wouldn't hurt, as long as you feel OK. The best way to lose weight is to choose healthy foods - lots of veggies and proteins. Cut out all or most processed foods and sweets. Only eat when you are hungry. I think eating smaller meals throughout the day is good, because it speeds up your metabolism and doesn't leave you starving throughout the day. Try not eating late at night, and drink plenty of water. :)

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    A good diet. You can cut your caloric intake and watch what you eat.

    btw - even though you have asthma, you can still walk. 

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    Weight loss is always about diet, not exercise.  If someone is overweight, it is because they consume more calories each day then their body uses.  The solution is to make better food choices and decrease portion sizes.

    1. Use a BMR calculator or calorie calculator https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator to figure out how many calories your body needs at your GOAL weight.

    2. Weight and measure your food

    3. Track your food consumption on an App like Lose It! or MyFitnessPal.

    4. Stop eating when you reach your daily calorie maximum.

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    well you can't............

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