Does my girlfriend really loves me for who I am or just cause I am different from other guys ?

she always says I am different and handsome, that I am thin and cute while other guys are chubby and scuffy with round faces while I have a manly and handsome face. She compares me to my friends (who have tattoos and never read) and often quotes my sentence of when I told her that I was glad she liked readying because that makes her more clever. My girlfriend often asks me to translate her poetry and read it out loud. I'm not that good at reading loud but she says my voice gives the words even more meaning and once she cried out of commotion due to the poems and hugged my arm. Sometimes I think she only likes me cause I am different and I understand her and support her. Would she love me if I was like other ones? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Both.  If you were a thin, round faced, tattoo free, litterate and an ax murderer, I bet she wouldn't like you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It is a fine line between loving someone for their positive attributes and loving them because they are the opposite of what you dislike. 

    She may not realize how much she is comparing you to your friends when complimenting you. Woman tend to struggle when comparing ourselves to others. This often reflects when giving compliments, even when the comparison is positive (ex. "I love your hair, you look just like Megan Fox!"). 

    Perhaps she thinks that because you are different (at least compared to the people in your circle of friends) that she needs to compliment you on it so you don't feel abnormal. My ex was a very thin man and he got made fun of a lot for it. I loved him just the way he was and made it a point to tell him that often. Sometimes though that can come across the wrong way. As if that was all that I cared about, how he physically looked. Or in your case, that that's reason she likes you or that you are SO different that all she can focus on is what makes you stand out. 

    I really don't think it is coming from a bad place. She seems to really appreciate you for who you are. But if you have any doubts, simply ask her the last question in your post. Some people are hell bent on physical attributes while others will love you no matter what. I don't think you can know for sure without asking her and figuring out which one she is. 

  • 1 month ago

    I think u might be gay 

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