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What are the differences between public and private high schools in England?

I am going to live in England in 2021 or 2022 with my parents, we are seeing schools for me and my brothers but I wanted to know the differences between public and private schools in England.

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    A public school is one of a small group of selective private boarding school for children aged 13-18.  Eton College is an example of a public school.  There are many other private schools.  Legal residents with children are entitled to use the tax-payer funded schools.  Your parents can also send you to a private school if they prefer.

    We don't have 'high school' in England.  We have primary and secondary school.  Secondary school finishes at the age of with public exams (GCSEs) which are the academic equivalent of a US high school diploma.  As GCSEs are a 2 year course, 14 is the last age where the transfer is easy.  After that it becomes complicated.  You do not say where you are from but if you are now in the US, you may get quite a shock.  We start learning how to write a properly argued essay at the age of 10.

    After GCSEs the more academic students spend two years at college studying for 3 or 4 A-levels which are selected with a university undergraduate subject in mind.  Most undergraduate degrees have pre-requisites and you apply to university to study a specific degree.  The good news is that subjects like Law, Medicine and Veterinary Science are 5 year undergraduate subjects in the UK.

    Private schools including public schools transition at the age of 13 after Common Entrance.  Tax-payer funded schools transition at the age of 11, used to be after 11+ but this exam has largely been dropped sadly.

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    Public schools are schools that anyone can attend given availability and are funded by the government.

    Private schools are schools that are privately owned and you have to pay to enter. So you're paying for the education and the facilities.

    Private schools tend to be stricter and have better results than public schools. They also tend to have better facilities. Usually wealthier kids go to private schools.

    Public schools can vary greatly in all of these areas and can't really be generalised. Some can be really good, some really bad. Generally most public schools are getting stricter now to quite an unreasonable degree. Public schools, as they are being funded by the govt, are also significantly more politically correct.

    Honestly in all fronts, I would say go for a private school if your parents can afford it. But public schools are good too, you just have to find the right one for you.

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    State schools are free to attend. Private schools (often called 'public schools') charge hefty fees. Many private schools are boarding schools where you sleep during term time. Winchester College is a typical private boarding school. The fees approximate £13,000 per annum. Out current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, attended this College.

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