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The original 1955 Ford Thunderbird was powered by a 559-in3 engine. What is this volume in liters?

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    The ONLY engine available in the 1955 Thunderbird was the 292 C.I.D. V-8.  It was 4.778 litres & was rated at 193 H.P. for manual transmissions or 198 for automatics.  

    For the record:  To convert C.I.D. to litres, divide C.I.D. by 61.024

    Thus: 292/61.024 = 4.785.  

    This doesn't match the figure above because the listed C.I.D. is rarely exact.  Often, a number is chosen because it sounds better.  

    E.g.: the Ford 427 was actually only 425.63 C.I.D.

            the Ford 302 was actually only 301.59 C.I.D.

            the Ford 406 was actually only 404.13 C.I.D.

            the Ford 400 was actually 402.13 C.I.D.    

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    Cubic inches to litres is a factor of just over 16. 15 is easier to work out in your head and close enough.

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    First of all, no. Wrong. The largest engine in the 55 T-bird was 312ci which equates to roughly 5.11L. Second, 559ci is just under 9.2L. The largest stock gasoline engine that was ever put into a production car was in the 4th and 5th generation Dodge Vipers which came with an 8.4L (512ci) V10 engine putting out 600-645 horsepower (441-475 kW).

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    It had a 292 or  312 Lincoln motor. That's 4.785 L or 5.113 L

    At 2.54 CC's to the inch; 2.54 cubed is 16.387. Multiply this times cubic inches to get CCs.

     Divide  CC's by this to get cubic inches.

     1,000 CCs = One Liter.

    Answer the Question, John and Rachel.

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    yes this is a chemistry hw problem.

  • 2 months ago was a 292 or 312cu-in

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