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Will the Queens funeral be bigger than Diana's ?

Will it be bigger than Diana's, in terms of the number or people turning up, flowers etc Diana's funeral had over 2000 people outside Westminster Abbey.

People were even lined up on the motorway on Diana's funeral throwing flowers at the car! 

Over 32 million British people watched it on tv and 2 billion people worldwide.

Will it be the same? 

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  • Buzz
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    2 months ago

    Bound to be. She is the Queen and has been a great example for many years. 

  • 2 months ago

    Most likely as the government has a protocol for the Queens funeral. 

  • Clo
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    2 months ago

    Yes, the Queen's funeral will be much larger as it will be a State Funeral. Diana's was a Royal Ceremonial Funeral.The Queen has served the realm for much longer than Diana did, and she's been  monarch for most of that time.

    "Many of the features of a state funeral are shared by other types of funerals, and distinguishing between them is not easy. A ceremonial funeral, like a state funeral, often has a lying in state, a procession with a gun carriage and military contingents, and a funeral service attended by state representatives, both domestic and foreign.The visual distinction usually referred to is that in a state funeral, the gun carriage bearing the coffin is drawn by sailors from the Royal Navy rather than horses. (This tradition dates from the funeral of Queen Victoria; the horses drawing the gun carriage bolted, so ratings from the Royal Navy hauled it to the Royal Chapel at Windsor.) This distinguishing feature is not invariable, however, as shown by the use of naval ratings rather than horses at the ceremonial funeral for Lord Mountbatten in 1979 (one of a number of features on that occasion which emphasized Mountbatten's lifelong links with the Royal Navy).Another distinction made between a state funeral and a ceremonial funeral is that a state funeral for a distinguished subject requires a message from the Sovereign to each of the Houses of Parliament, under the Royal Sign Manual, informing them of the funeral and inviting their attendance. In the case of the state funeral for a deceased Sovereign, a message from the Earl Marshal, acting at the new Sovereign's command, informs the Houses of Parliament of the arrangements for the funeral and requires their attendance at the lying-in-state. Ceremonial funerals do not require such formal invitation of the Houses of Parliament by the Sovereign. "

     State and ceremonial funerals - UK Parliament

    There will be representatives from foreign heads of state, other monarchies and their royals, Commonwealth Realms and Commonwealth of Nations.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    When our Queen dies she will have a bigger funeral then Princess Diana.  Simply because it will be a State Funeral and there will be representatives from all over the world attending the funeral, not just representatives from the Commonwealth. Plus members of Royal Families across the world will come to pay their respects.

    No one will be able to throw flowers from motorway bridges because the funeral will not go anywhere near the motorways.  The Queen's funeral will be very stately but there will still be a lot of mourners in London to watch it, provided of course that we are not under semi lockdown - in which case there will only be 6 people around and the rest watching on the television.

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  • 2 months ago

    No there will only be six people there socially distancing.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The Queens funeral will be a lot bigger than Diana's

  • They will try to make it so, but I doubt that any British funeral will be as big as Princess Diana's. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. It will be a State Funeral, rather than the Royal  Ceremonial Funeral accorded to Diana. It will involve more military, more diplomatic attendees and no Elton John; the cortege would only be going to Windsor unlike Diana's which went to Althorp so we will be spared the spectacle of the hearse looking like a badly tossed salad.

  • .
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    2 months ago

    The Queen ruled over a number of Commonwealth nations around the world, she was forced to move with the times when it felt  awkward for her to modernize, but she did it, because she understood that was what the people needed. You may think she is cold and stuffy, but she, over the years had learned to think out of the box, through trial & error. From the beginning of her rein to the end.

    The worry we face now, what will become with the 16 commonwealth nations once Prince Charles becomes King and Camilla at his side?

    She will be dearly remembered by many generations. My parents remembered when she became Queen, I remember her as head of the monarch and so does my daughter and grandchildren.

  • 2 months ago

    No it won't, the Queen Mother's funeral was a flop.

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