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Which surfboard should I get my wife? ?


So I want to get my wife a surfboard for Christmas and I don’t know what to get her. So I am getting her board and sending her to surfing camp. The surf camp is a week long and about 8 hr days out in the surf. The surf school also provides a board to all students. So about time she is about to surf on her own she’s got roughly 40 hrs on a board with an instructor.

Wives build: 

My wife is 5’2” and weighs about 130-140lbs and is fairly athletic. Next year we start windsurfing to which should help her balance.


So I plan on skipping out on getting her a foamie to start due to the fact that of going to a surf school and I think she’ll out grow it to quickly. So I know the obvious choice is the longboard but the research I’ve done points me to 7’2”-7’6” board due to her size which would be a mini or a funboard. I have also seen things like HP LB which makes it even more confusing.

Surfing conditions:

So we live in the New England area and will be surfing primarily the Boston area maybe down to the Cape or up in Maine sometimes. From what I’ve seen they seem like smaller waves rarely getting over 5ft and seem to be slow.  

Price range:

I’m trying to stay under $1,500 for the board so I’d prefer to get a well built board that will last awhile.


So what board do I get her? Do I get a longboard a mini or a funboard? Which size should I get her and is there a couple of brands out there I should stick to or steer clear of? Thank you all.

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    My thoughts would be to get her a gift certificate to pick out the board she wants AFTER the surfing class. 

    My reasoning is that not everyone has the wherewithal to surf or surf well or they have natural aptitude and learn fast. Not everyone wants to continue with surfing if they don't have enough aptitude or will only pursue have halfheartedly or will be ready for an advanced board.Waiting to see where she falls in the spectrum will keep you from buying a board that is either too basic or too advanced, also she will get to pick it out and like most females color and designs ARE important.

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