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is glary utilities a good free software or is it junk and will just clutter your computer?

someone on here recommended glary utilities software for speeding up my desktop computer....but ive never used it, is it a good software to download then? or is it rubbish and i should steer clear of it?

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    its good software that will help stabilise and even speed up your computer, but just be careful with what you allow it to do, it tried to update older programs that I prefered to use, it tried to delete some shotcuts that were still in use, but as long as your careful then its a handy little utility to have

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    Glarysoft is a nice utility to simplify doing technical tasks. It's a bit conservative to ensure it does no harm, but is handy to free some disk space, check for software updates, backup the registry, create a system restore point and several other things. The free version doesn't do as much as the paid version, but it's useful. No, it is NOT rubbish. And it doesn't annoy you with ads. A nice feature is that it automatically tells you if you have software that has updates available - but it leaves it up to you whether to download and install them. It's a nice 'swiss army knife' product. I don't use it a lot, but it's always there if I want to do any of its tools. BUT, I don't see it - or other products - as 'speeding up' the computer. That was positive a decade or more ago when disk drives were slower and smaller, but any speed improvement will be minor.

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