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Will he be notified if I died ?

I have 100% full custody of my son. His dad lives in a different state and he only met him once. His dad is paying child support since it’s court ordered. 

I know my parents will 100% for sure take custody of my son if I died since I live with my parents and because the dad is going into the navy so he obviously wouldn’t be able to take care of him nor I don’t think he would want to take custody of my son if I died. 

Would he be notified that I died? If so, who would notify him? 

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    1 month ago

    The parent has 100% sole custody, not your parents.

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    why do you keep asking this? are you planning on killing yourself?

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    You and the father don't live together.  To ensure proper custody of your son if you died, you should make a proper Will stating your preferences - and also maybe a fall-back in case your parents died before you or were, for some reason (illness?) couldn't take custody of your son.  Perhaps a sibling??  Discuss it with all the persons concerned.  It would be up to your family whether or not to tell the father.  His payments are for the child - not for you.  When the child comes of age, the payments will stop anyway.  Hopefully, you wouldn't die until you were very old and your son grown up with children of his own.  Once he's an adult, it's up to him whether or not he wants anything to do with his pretty uncaring biological father.  It might be that HE would be the one to notify (or not) his father in the event of your death.  On the reverse side of this situation, WHO would notify you if the father died?  His payments for child support would cease on his death.

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    1 month ago

    Of course he would be notified.

    "I know my parents will 100% for sure take custody of my son if I died"    Sorry, but that's not your decision to make.   Your son is 50% yours, 50% his father's and 0% to your parents.   If you die, a court is going to determine who gets custody and who pays what to whom. 

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