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Sharing food with HIV person will i be afftected?

She eat some with her spoon and use the spoon she ate to take my food again 

Like this is it got saliva will  I get aids ? 


Help I am paronoid 

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    Pharmacy intern here. Do not worry! HIV is NOT spread through saliva. It is very unlikely to spread HIV through the mouth. HIV would only be transmitted through the mouth if both people have open sores or bleeding gums, were partaking in open mouth kissing, and the blood of the HIV positive person got into the bloodstream of the HIV negative person. HIV is typically spread through contact between broken skin and HIV infected blood or bodily fluids. You cannot get HIV from sharing food/silverware/drinks, hugging, sharing toilets, or shaking hands.

  • 1 month ago

    No chance. It's only spread through unprotected sex or blood to blood contact - not saliva.. I've drank out the same cup, ate same food and even kissed someone who is hiv positive. 

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    Oh jesus.... you're f*cked.

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    HIV is not spread through saliva. It is spread by blood, semen, vaginal or anal fluids, or breast milk. You can’t get HIV from sharing food or drinks or from kissing. You can get covid from that though. 

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