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Why didn't Jesus just come out and tell his disciples I am God in the flesh if he was God?

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    Because Jesus wasn't and isn"t the almighty God. He is the son of God that was sent to the earth by his father Jehovah.

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    The same reason I'm not telling you I'm God. Would you believe me If I did? doubt it. There was a time when Jesus would reveal himself to them.

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    Probably because he wasn't.  It is more likely Jesus was just like Moses or Noah.  A compilation of several characters rolled into one. 

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    Because Jesus was here in the form of MAN (John 1:12) and He didn't want anyone worshipping Him because He was here as a MAN.  Anyway, he didn't have to, God revealed it to His disciples anyway.  That's why when Jesus asked, "Who do YOU say that I am?"  Peter was able to reply, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" and Jesus said, "Mankind has not revealed that to you, but My Father in heaven.

    All Jews knew Jesus was God because only God could do the miracles He did they said. 

    He was such a threat to the Pharisees that they tried to kill Him (BEFORE HIS TIME).  They made plans to throw Jesus down the mountain but he escaped and disappeared from the midst of them.  That alone makes Him God.  Also walking on water in the middle of the night.

    Thomas doubted Jesus was God but when Jesus showed Thomas His crucified hands and said, "Put your hands in My side"  Thomas fell down on his knees and said, "My Lord AND MY GOD"

    So some people have to have God give them revelation. Others believe by faith.

    Jesus said, "Blessed are those who have SEEN and believe, but MORE BLESSED are those who have NOT SEEN and yet believe."

    Jesus' Name is "Emmanuel" which when interpreted means GOD WITH US. (Matthew 1: 23 & 15).

    Why do you think Jesus' Name is also "Everlasting FATHER" (Isaiah 9:6)  It's because Jesus is IN THE FATHER and the Father is IN JESUS CHRIST (John 17: 21 & 23)

    Jesus and His Father ARE ONE (John 10:30)

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    Why do people seem to believe this word God is a proper name, I think this is the cause of so much confusion with these people that can't understand how Jesus was God and God's son at the same time, these same people can't understand the difference in the Most High God and the Almighty God, if and I mean IF they could understand God=the Most High had a son, the Almighty God whom is called the LORD GOD whom has all authority over mankind, at least Peter recognized this, thou art the Son of the living God, it sure would have been a problem solver if Peter had said, thou are the Son of the Most High God, the majority of the whole old testament has to do with this Lord God and NOT the Most High God, you can NEVER identify the difference in the Most High God and the Almighty God by proper names because there was NONE given until Jesus came, you can only identify the difference in these two God's by their POWER, One knows everything and the other lacks that knowledge, Jesus Himself said He could do nothing except the Father reveal it to Him, now go back and reread Gen 2 and SEE the questions this Lord God ASKS, see that this God needs ANSWERS, see that this God is NOT ALL KNOWING, see that this God the Lord God is the SON of the MOST HIGH GOD, HIS only begotten SON, oh wait, I almost forgot, the spirit of anti-christ can't say Jesus is God come in the form of a man=flesh.

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    Jesus tells us he is the Messiah (Christ)

    Jesus tells us he is God's Son

    Jesus NEVER tells us he is God.

    Trinitarians like to change God's word at Exodus 3:14 & John 8:58, to make it sound as if Jesus is saying "I am".

    At Ex 3:14“I Shall Become Who I am Becoming / I Shall Become has sent me” and not “I am what I am” (Go to Hebrew Scriptures, Ex 3 @

    J Washington Watts, Professor of Old Testament, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1930-1968. A Distinctive Translation of Exodus With An Interpretative Outline, 1977, pp.140,1.

    "Such a translation [in English] as "I am what I am" appears to be ruled out completely by the fact that the [Hebrew] verbs here are imperfects. "I am" is the normal translation of the Hebrew perfect, not an imperfect... This thought is made explicit in the verse that follows, and the proper name Yahweh, the memorial name, is made synonymous with the description "I shall continue to be what I have always been." This makes the description a restatement of Yahweh's faithfulness an assurance that he will fulfill the covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob".-

    Jesus just said "I am" in proper Greek, which is translated into proper English, as "I have been"

    Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT MIX TENSES IN ENGLISH. (see “Truth in Translation” below)

    The Expository Times, 1996, page 302 by Kenneth Mckay.

    "in John 8:58: prin Abraam genesthai ego eimi, which would be most naturally translated

    'I have been in existence since before Abraham was born', if it were not for the obsession with the simple words 'I am'." . . . "If we take the Greek words in their natural meaning, as we surely should, the claim to have been in existence for so long is in itself a staggering one, quite enough to provoke the crowd's violent reaction."

    On the translating of EGO EIMI at John 8:58 by Dr Jason BeDuhn “Truth in Translation”:

    "John 8:58. The traditional translation "Before Abraham was, I am" is slavishly faithful to the literal meaning of the Greek ("Before Abraham came to be, I am"). The result is ungrammatical English. We cannot mix our tenses in such a way. The reason for this ugly rendering is the accident that, in English, the idiomatic "I am" sounds like what God says about himself in the Hebrew/Old Testament. This is sheer coincidence. Jesus is not employing a divine title here. He is merely claiming that he existed before Abraham and, of course, he still exists whereas Abraham is dead. There is nothing wrong with the Greek, but we need to take account of the Greek idiom being employed and render the meaning into proper English.

    Likewise, A Grammar of New Testament Greek, by J. H. Moulton, Vol. III, by Nigel Turner, Edinburgh, 1963, p. 62, says:

     “The Present which indicates the continuance of an action during the past and up to the moment of speaking is virtually the same as Perfective, the only difference being that the action is conceived as still in progress . . . It is frequent in the N[ew] T[estament]: Lk 2:48; 13:7 . . . 15:29 . . . Jn 5:6 ; 8:58 . . . ” (Bold & Underline by me)

     “I am” Tense – Present

    The present tense represents a simple statement of fact or reality viewed as occurring in actual time. In most cases this corresponds directly with the English present tense.

    Some phrases which might be rendered as past tense in English will often occur in the present tense in Greek. These are termed "historical presents," and such occurrences dramatize the event described as if the reader were there watching the event occur. Some English translations render such historical presents in the English past tense, while others permit the tense to remain in the present.

    As A Grammar of the Idiom of the New Testament, by G.B.Winer says:

    "Sometimes the Present includes also a past tense (Mdv. 108), viz. when the verb expresses a state which commenced at an earlier period but still continues, a state in its duration; as,

    John. xv. 27 .....viii. 58 [8:58]." 

    Not only does Jesus never tells us he is God nor does he tell us he is equal to God.

    These are false charges made by Jesus' enemies.

    In fact Jesus denies these false charges.

    In fact Jesus denies being the only true God.

    In fact Jesus tells us, his God and Father is greater than he is.

    Let us like Paul and Peter and Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  [Eph 1:3, 17; 1 Peter 1:3]


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    Constantly doing things only God could do wasn't enough?

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    He did.  Recommend you read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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    1. Christ is the Son of God.

    2. Jesus is the son of man;

    3. Christ lived in Jesus as Christ can live in all. Jesus' last name wasn't Christ. 

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    In order for the Son of God to achieve His mission, He had to slip in under the radar; to come incognito, His glory veiled. If he stood up and said, "I am God in the flesh" He would have been instantly stoned to death. But He DID say that before Abraham existed, "I Am" - taking the name of the God who spoke to Moses at the burning bush. He almost got stoned to death for that, having to slip away, but that was very shortly before it was the right time for Him to be crucified. Read John chapter 8 if you want to understand the awesomeness of just who this Jesus is.

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