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Am I too young to have a baby?

I just turned 18. I’m in college, but other than that I don’t really have other responsibilities. So with the rest of my free time I will be able to care for the baby. Plus I’ve always liked babies and very young kids and would love to have one of my own. My mom didn’t really care much about me as a child, but I would love my kid a lot. I am even willing to get a job so I could buy stuff for them without bothering my parents about it. Not saying I’m trying to get pregnant, I don’t even have a boyfriend. But if I did in the near future, would I be too young?

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    Children are a 24/7 responsibility, not someone you can take care of in your free time.

    Babies especially do not have a schedule, and have no idea that you are in college, and are not able to schedule their constant need for care for when you are not either in college or at work. 

    The first indication that you are ready to be a parent is the ability to put your own wants and desires aside and do what is best for your child. What is best for your child, hands down, is to have a mother and a father who have committed to one another for life through marriage, and who have the financial ability to take care of their children.

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    Being in college - is a FULL TIME job and you'll NEVER have enough time for college and raise a child.  Wait until you finish college, get a great job, find the right man, get married and then begin your family.

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    As a father and grandpa I would say a child, a baby is a blessing. Such a huge decision should probably not be made considering your "free time" a baby is a full time and life long responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Best whishes to you!   

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    Excuse me, but yes, YOU DO have other responsibilities- and the biggest one is to STUDY and get the best grades you possibly CAN. Your parents are PAYING for your education, young lady. You have a responsibility to THEM to make sure that you don't do something stupid and wreck their investment in you. Pregnancy now would certainly fit that category, for sure. And it's obvious to me that you haven't even considered what having a baby to take care of would do to your education and social life. It would totally WRECK both of them. I know you might think that babies are cute and cuddly and all that, but you're only seeing what you want to see. The truth is that having a baby is HARD WORK, and it's expensive as well. Getting a job at Mickey D's won't even begin to cover the COSTS involved in having a baby. Where would you live if you got pregnant, pal? With whom? How would you support yourself and the child? Who will stay with the baby while you work or attend classes? You can't live in a college dorm room and have a baby to take care of- campuses are no place for infants. Things like car seats, diapers, formula, a crib, etc., are all very expensive, and require more than just a minimum wage job to support.

    Aside from all of this, there is the physical side of pregnancy to consider as well. You're still in your teens, and there's a chance that you may still be growing physically yourself- lots of people don't become physically mature until they are in their early 20's. I grew until I was 19 and a half, so I know what I'm talking about. My dad was 21 before he reached his full height and maturity, too- late maturity runs in my family. Do you know what your family history is in this regard? Because if you're still growing,you need to realize that pregnancy isn't necessarily the best thing right now, for either you or your potential baby. Babies born to mothers that are too young are at risk for a whole host of developmental and physical problems. Low birth weight is just the start. Issues like Autism are more common in babies born to very young mothers, and some of these problems are very expensive to treat and last a lifetime. There's also the genetic factor to consider- if you have any history of illnesses that are either partially or totally hereditary (such as diabetes, for example) then you need to pay special attention to these problems and make sure they are well controlled before you get pregnant.

    Being in college is NOT an excuse for irresponsible behavior. And getting pregnant right now is the absolute worst thing you could do.Your parents will be furious with you if they found out about it- and they very well could, even if you don't tell them on your own. They are probably paying a lot of money to send you to school, and they expect you to behave yourself and be responsible.

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    physically, no

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    At 18, you're definitely not too young to physically have a baby although it would be to your advantage if you put off all thoughts about it until after graduation and establishing your future. Should you become pregnant at this time you'll be looking forward to a very rough time managing between a child and your education. I hope you make a smart decision.

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    you should w8 few more year for pregnancy...

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    Okay, so you have "free time" to care for a child... nope, that means you are too young. You do not parent in your free time. 

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    Try first with a pet maybe a cute cuddly kitten or puppy might be just the thing.Motherhood is a full time job 24/7 not just free time. Are you going to be able to juggle all 3 things together College, job, and motherhood. Are you going to be a able to give that child attention? Are you going to be able to support it and go to college? Can you afford childcare or to pay someone to watch the baby while you work/are at school ?  Sweetheart you have to wait until you’re actually ready for a child. You are probably going to need the support from your family and friends. Oh and both partner s have to want to not just one, because the relationship isn’t work to work like that. 

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    The funny part here is that you think you can take care of a baby in your "free time."

    Does the baby just raise itself when you're not free? 

    It's not your age, it's your immaturity.

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    Did you say you were even willing to get a job to buy stuff for them so you wouldn’t have to bother your parents? Sweetie, that right there is your answer. That mentality alone is a big reason why you should NOT bring a life into this world yet. I mean... if you really care about a child you’re going to create, then you should be independent and in a relationship with a man who not only loves you and will love the child but who can financially support you. 

    You said you’re in college and don’t have any other responsibility besides that, that IS a lot of responsibility. Just because you have free time doesn’t mean it’s enough to raise a child. I just had my second kid and PLEASE please do not get pregnant right now. My first was planned right after I graduated college and God I wish I had waited. You have SO MUCH TIME!!! Enjoy these years of being able to live with your parents for free with just school responsibility. 

    You should not get pregnant if you’re still living with your parents and they’re paying for everything. It’s not fair to them and you will feel like a shitty mom down the road, not to mention it’s just not right. 

    Your parents aren’t going to be here forever, and it’s so irresponsible and selfish to get pregnant and put that burden on your parents when you as an adult and a MOTHER should be taking care of the child. How do you think your kid will feel when they get older and see that their grandparents were actually the ones who took care of them and their mom just basically babysat. 

    My youngest is 8 months and the past month I’ve been struggling with anxiety/depression because my fiancé and I and our son and now daughter live with my dad and though we pay for everything besides rent, it still sucks. 

    But just think, when you have another life to take care of 24/7, that’s it! What you want does not matter anymore. You feel sick and want to just lay down? Too bad, your baby wants to play and squeal and you have to make sure they don’t choke on anything or fall off the bed. Want to go to the gym or out for drinks? Gotta find a sitter. Gotta run time the store? Pack a diaper bag, load the baby up, lug them in and out of the car, keep them happy while you shop and most likely have to push 2 buggies (one for the baby to sit in the car seat if they don’t have a buggy made for the car seat and one for the groceries), want to take a shower? Yea figure that one out lol. Point is, yes you might say “well my parents will help me” but they have their own daily lives and things they want and have to do. 

    I know it’s easy to think “well, I have free time and I’ve babysat before and I’m good with kids, I know it’ll be hard but it’ll be fun and babies are so cute and I’ll be a mom and have this new world opened up and feel like an adult” but trust me, you will still feel like a teenager, just a teenager who now and for every single day for the next at least 18 years is responsible for every moment of another human beings life. 

    I know it’s almost impossible to comprehend the ramifications and truly understand just what “having a baby” means, but God I wish there was a way to really make girls understand and see. 

    Good luck to you hun. 

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