Would u rather live ur whole life in new jersey or new york and why? ?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I have lived in several parts of the country but mostly the Southwest, West Coast, Midwest and, for a short time, in the Southeast. I have lived in communities ranging all the way from large urban centers to "almost" frontier--that's beyond rural: highway, powerlines and not much else. 

    It's hard to answer about a whole state because I find the main differences relate to whether you are comparing large metro to large metro or small city to small city. Cities like Seattle, Houston, Denver, and Atlanta have much more in common than many smaller communities in any of the states in which they are located. Granted Metro NYC is in a league all of its own due to size and probably the only city even close to similar would the LA Metro area. 

    I would probably say New York because you have a wider selection of places you can live. I love the diversity of NYC and for an urban area of its size, it has a sense of community I wish other urban areas could replicate. Example: I have a good friend who moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas from New Jersey. He likes it--having a job which pays well helps--plus everything there seems "new". I also think he had some weird narrative in his head that it would be a blending of "Gone With the Wind" and "Little House on the Prairie". It is far from either, he discovered--too many transplants from everywhere else for one thing, but it does suffer from an Anywhere USA lack of community. 

  • Neither. Both are backwards and poverty infested!!

  • Believe it or not, New York is a beautiful state with a national park. Just from driving around it, I thought I was in the south again. as others have mention it provides diversity and easier access to transportation jobs, culture, and things to see and do. While I only stayed in New Jersy while on vacation because it was cheaper I do have about 15 friends from there and they have nothing good to say about it besides its home or their place of birth. The air quality was bad there too. Don't get me wrong new york city was bad too but I found for New Jersy as a state and the overall size the quality of air was terrible and made me sick. This is just my 1cent opinion as an outsider.

  • 1 month ago

    New York because in New Jersey it is full of problems and the people there also have to drive to New York because jobs are only there.

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  • 1 month ago

    One of my cousins lives in NJ, and no one can figure out why except that his mother came from there.  NY has greater diversity in food, jobs, and everything else.  And NJ hiways have weird ways to make turns, which really don't improve traffic.

  • 1 month ago

    I have lived less than 2 hours north of NYC for almost 50 years, after college and marriage.  We love it here - quiet, GREEN, lots of arts, sports hiking, bird watching, cultural things (not that we watch birds or hike - but have friends who drool over that . . ).  We have the best of both - and will stay here forever - already own cemetery plots.  With COVID, people from NYC , some of whom own second home up here, have been buying real state and permanently moving in DROVE - and we still see no more crush or crunch (OK, many of us spend a lot of time indoors, etc.)  Home prices are up almost 20 n, for those who want to sell.  People are buying home ONLINE - they never even come up live to see the house, just GRAB IT before the competition does.  I suppose that people are also moving to NJ - which we think of as our younger bratty sister.

  • 1 month ago

    I would rather be poked in the eyed with a sharp stick than live in either state...but...If I had to chose, I guess NY. Its bigger and has more opportunity for outdoors-men.

  • 1 month ago

    new york, so much more culture, variance, diversity and honestly more of just my personal preference. practically it may not be the more cost effective of the two, but things like the vast subways negate the need to have a car like you would have to have in jersey. the food is crazy good in new york and the sense of togetherness is extremely strong. just my personal take tho!

  • 1 month ago

    I will quote someone I meet this year "Only an idiot would live in a city"  I tend to agree with them, but every person has different tastes and expectations on life. 

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