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My ex husband has lost his MIND. Any advice? ?

My ex husband and I have just finalized our divorce. About a month ago 

he called me out of the blue to tell me he’s met someone and finally moved on from our marriage. He told me he finally threw out all of our wedding photos, some of the items we had from our old home etc. He told me he “finally” met someone who has a good paying job as a nurse and makes good money. (I’m a teacher)I had to call him yesterday to get some information for the old house. He gave me the info and that was it. This morning he called me up and asked if I went on his Facebook and messaged his new girlfriend that we talked yesterday about the house. We aren’t even friends on Facebook. I have absolutely no idea who his new girlfriend even is nor do I care nor would I go out of my way to message her. He then asked if I put her on a 3 way and called him secretly about the house. He’s lost his mind!!! After accusing me of this he then proceeded to ask me for relationship advice and that he was up all night because his girlfriend wouldn’t respond to his text messages and he thinks she blocked him. When I told him I didn’t have time for this he told me he was going to block my number to move on. He told me I could keep the house and he’d sign whatever paperwork is necessary to put the house just in my name as long as we didn’t have to ever speak again. His MOTHER then proceeded to message me and ask if I contacted his new girlfriend. I don’t even know who she is. What would you do? 

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    I would either ignore them, or send them both a message:

    I have no idea who the new girlfriend is.  I have not and would not contact her for any reason.  I will not speak on this subject again.

    If they continued asking, I would block them both.  You then need to deal with your ex husband through your lawyer only.

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    I'd tell my ex MIL that I've nothing to do with any of this, nor do I want to. But that my last conversation with her son suggested, to me, that there is room for concern for him but there is no more room for YOUR (that's you) taking up your heart and your time living in concern for him. He's not "yours" anymore and you are not involved in his business. And finish up whatever business the courts left open through your attorney. 

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    I'd start by not continuing to post this over and over.  Maybe you like to read it.  Maybe there's some other issue.

    You have an attorney.  Have that attorney contact your ex-husband.  I have an "ex."  I don't take his telephone calls.

    I also am not in touch with my former mother in law.

    You CAN'T just keep the house if the divorce Judgment has been filed.  AGAIN, you are bound by the terms of the Judge's Order.

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    What would I do?  Nothing.  This is all an effort to bait you into an argument you have no need to have or purpose to gain.  The reality is that your ex-husband is not over you.  If he was he wouldn't feel a need to declare he has moved on from you, but he did.  When you didn't take the bait by being upset, he then tried to gain your attention as a friend.  And again you didn't take the bait.  In other words I can't offer you any advice you don't already know and have been doing so far.  What I can offer is validation and encouragement to keep doing what you are doing.  Give yourself a pat on the back for dealing with this lunacy, but understand it is due to his still broken heart.

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    Black grumpy cat's advice is good and covers the waterfront, heed and do it.

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