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i have paranoia & think people are referring things at me, how to deal with it?

i'm a male in my forties with paranoid personality disorder, i'm waiting to see a psychologist but there is a very big waiting list......meanwhile i find i'm regularly feeling annoyed at people because i think they are referring things at me or referring to me.

for example, i'm a man with a baby face, kind of....and when i see people, men -women pushing prams with babies inside, near where i live, i feel annoyed and think that they are referring to me?......that they are singling me out or referring to me? and i feel very angry to the point of feeling enraged.....because i think people are sending the subliminal message that ' iam like the baby they are pushing'.

that is just one can i deal with it when i think people are doing this?

my paranoia makes me think people know who i am, or know my business or are singling me out from the crowd....or are referring to me personally.....and it makes me feel very angry to the point i want to act out my anger.

any useful strategies or ways of dealing with this you can give? i'd appreciate.

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    2 months ago

    For some reason is called paranoia, 'cause it's not real. I support what makes you feel better, if you want to see a psychologist that's fine. It's not for me though, I don't trust them. Also the presence of people, I don't like. I had to talk to someone I met on Yahoo Answers, he taught me to improve my confidence. Look at me, I saw an old friend after 10 years without seeing him, and I spoke to the guy that helped me saying "Yes I did improve my confidence".

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    paranoia , schizophrenia etc . are other words for smartness . don't try to treat it . just deal with it avoid people etc. worked more or less for me 

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