What is a ghost..is it real?

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  • 1 month ago

    Nobody knows what it is, because nobody knows if it's real.

    There are lots of people who think they know, but thinking you know isn't the same as actually knowing.  Lemmy show you the difference....

    - I know gravity is a real thing.  It's always worked the same way, and it's worked both for me and against me.  Whenever I trip and the ground / floor punches me in the face, that's yet more proof that gravity is real.  Whenever I dump a bucket of water over my wife, the water always falls in a downward direction, which is proof that gravity is real.  And when she punches me and I fall to the floor, even more proof.

    - I know that I am real.  When I close a door on my hand and it hurts, that's proof that I'm real.  On the very rare occasions when I have sex with my wife, that's more proof that I'm real.  And when I get confused, which happens often, that's even more proof.  Things that aren't real are never confused, in case you haven't noticed.

    But who actually knows if ghosts are really real?  I've seen lots of weird sh*t that science can't explain, but that only means science can't explain it yet.  Even though it's been going on for thousands of years, science is still a very young science and can't explain much.  Any scientist will tell you that.

    Believers of ghosts (like myself) will tell you that they have definitely experienced weird stuff that known science can't explain, but that's not really proof of anything.  For thousands of years, nobody knew about molecules or electricity or DNA.  Does that mean those things didn't exist until they were discovered?

    Non-believers will tell you the same thing:  They've never experienced it, so therefore it does not exist.  How is that the same as knowing gravity works?  

  • 1 month ago

    A ghost is a Jinni fu*king with you.

  • Dubbs
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    1 month ago

    This might be a little long, but please give it a chance:

    No one can be entirely sure on what a ghost actually is, but there have been sightings as long as humans have been around.

    There are many theories; some, many, all or none can be true. I've done quite a bit of research on paranormal phenomena for some years because I'm not willing to attribute the millions of sightings throughout history down to insanity, lies and figments of the imagination.

    So take your pick(s), here are some of the theories on what ghost actually are:

    1.) A Disembodied Spirit. When the body dies their consciousness lives on but in spiritual form, so their interaction with the physical world is very limited. Most spirits will move on to the afterlife, heaven or hell or wherever they go. But sometimes something drastically important keeps them bound to this plain and they can't be at peace. This "Unfinished business" could range from: justice being brought down to their killer; an accomplishment that will need to be completed by someone else; or that spirit itself will need to come to terms with some conflict in their own mind that was caused by something on this plain.

    Astral Projection is similar, but the person projecting their astral self isn't dead, so they can always return to their body.

    2.) An Imprint or Echo. It could be an image, a sound, a smell or an emotion left behind imprinted on the fabric of space and time. Some sightings of ghosts are unresponsive and do not even acknowledge their witnesses. I recall this tale of a theater in France that used to be a rectory, a priest who lived there most of his life had been seen walking through walls or even through the air. This only made sense when you learn there used to be a second floor that was removed to make room for the auditorium. The priest is no conscious spirit, but an imprint, playing like a reel from time to time because he lived there for so long and his energy remains in the walls.

    In like manner a women smelling the cologne her dead father used to wear could just be an imprint of the smell. Just like feeling some dark energy in a place where bad things have happened.  That feeling of dread and despair could linger in the walls and latch onto people in the area.

    3.) Poltergeist. This might derive off the German term for "noisy ghost", but in most cases a poltergeist is not caused by a ghost at all. When objects seem to move on their own, materialize from out of nowhere, or disembodied voices can be heard, the phenomena seems to happen around and follow a person within the household. In 98% of poltergeist activity, the "ghost" seems to follow an adolescent usually going through puberty. Of course this doesn't happen to most children going through puberty. But it seems that the emotional frustration and bodily changes kickstart some psychokinetic manifestations within the child. However,  in most of these cases the child isn't even aware that he or she is doing it. Subconsciously they seem to be using this telekinesis to lash out against an abusive parent, rival sibling, or against themselves (out of self loathing).

    4.) An Autobiographical Shell. Now this one I've read about in books on the occult, which suggests that there's an intermediate shell between the spirit (the self) and the physical body. As covered in the "Disembodied Spirit", the spirit moves on to the afterlife after death. But to make the connection of the spirit controlling the body for a lifetime there needs to be a shell to tie the spirit to that body. When the body dies and the spirit leaves this world, that shell remains behind. This shell was the connection between the spirit and the brain.

    When the spirit is free its likeness and characteristics revert back previous lives and adds experiences from this life to it. This shell, however, only carries on the likeness of this life. The shell is less like the self (the spirit) and more like an Autobiographical version of the self, as there is a difference between the writer and the book about the writer.

    So the ghost is a shell that carries the memories and likenesses of the deceased, but it cannot be changed or learn anything new.

    5.) A Demon or Guardian Angel. I can't really classify these as a disembodied spirit since they'd need a physical body to begin with. But this is a shout out to religious fundamentalists. Some have a tendency to regard anything paranormal as the work of the devil unless it shows itself to be positive,  which is therefore an angel. It's a theory and unless it shows signs of demonic possession I don't necessarily subscribe to it.

    6.) Time Slips. These are very rare indeed, but there have been recorded stories of people (usually travelers on vacation) going to an area they've never been, stopping for a night at a old fashion hotel with relatively cheap prices. They would eventually find out that no such hotel exists anymore, but there used to be one there 20 years ago or so.

    There's also the story of the guy videotaped at the Grand Canyon 7 years before he actually went there.

    It's been theorized that 1 off occurrences of seeing a ghost in a strange place is a time slip where one of you (the witness or the ghost) accidentally slipped through time to catch a glimpse of something or someone that was there before. These time-slips tend to fix themselves with the person involved being none-the-wiser for having experienced it.

    7.) A Tulpa. This one is rare too, but they're meantioned in books on Tibetan Mysticism. A Tulpa is a thought form that is created by a person through deep meditation techniques. The Tulpa exists as an extension of the person that created it, but takes on a mind of it's own. It would be like a writer creating a fictional character that can suddenly make his or her own decisions without the writer's aid. It's unsure if the Tulpa would cease to exist when its creator dies or carry on, but the creator can deconstruct it... which, from what I read, is much more difficult then creating one.

    However this Tulpa is the only theory that explains Francis Bacon's frozen chicken ghost. It's a strange tale, feel free to look that one up.

    8.) Mediumship. In the cases when ghosts do not manifest but are mentally "seen" by the medium, there is no ghostly presence. Once the spirit has returned to the pre/afterlife (the source) they cannot come back to this world but through reincarnation. That shell and connection is gone. But when a medium conducts a reading it is the medium that is reaching back to the source. His/her spirit is still connected to the supernal realm.

    In the cases of material mediumship, when the medium is able to call forth a dead person to actually materialize he could just be calling on the Autobiographical Shell, or that theory is wrong and it's actually the self (disembodied spirit).

    9.) Sleep Visitation. When a ghost is conceived in a dream, sometimes it's just a dream, random and sometimes wishful thoughts of the dreamer. But on some occasions ghosts can also communicate to the dreamer through dreams. This is much like mediumship, but they're generally 1-off occasions of people who have no such power. When the mind is resting the spirit is more accessible to spirits on the other side, because the spirit of the dreamer is still connected.

    10.) A Fabrication. This is for all the non-believers who think ghosts are mental fabrications, that a person believes he/she saw something they didn't actually see. Either they're crazy or their mind was playing a trick on them... or they're just lying about the whole experience.

    So multiple of these theories could be right. There's just a very diverse consensus among people on what they think ghost are, if they believe in them at all. Truth is nobody has a complete 100% answer, so it's alright for you to decide what theory (if any) you choose to believe. 

  • Darla
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    1 month ago

    The soul of a dead person that is not in either hell or heaven. 

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  • No, I'm a figment of your imagination.

  • rodcom
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    1 month ago

    No, it is a figment of imagination.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Some say it is a hallucination caused by a repressed sense of guilt from something that occurred in the person’s past. Others say it is a telepathic manifestation of that guilt. Some say it is a disembodied spirit. A lost soul. Others say it is an echo of what had been before. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Never seen one but I love watching them on TV

  • IOM
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    1 month ago

    A myth, a fantasy. No it's not real. Cheers 🙂 

  • 1 month ago

    Human made. Believe when you see it or feel it.

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