Sethoo Gh the international hip-hop super star and songswiter?

Who's Sethoo Gh the international hip-hop super star and songswiter from Ghana

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  • 1 month ago
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    Sethoo Gh remarks as prestigiously an influential and international hip-hop artist and songswriter by enormously gaining popularity due to his tremendous lyrically regarded concepts impacting from social, economic and cultural life with his remarkable songs and gaining millions of streams worldwide especially in UK and Africa.

    He hails from Ghana in West Africa and innumerable artists in the world has vehemently enjoyed his vast attributions as a songswiter and influential Musician


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  • 1 month ago

    Sethoo Gh is an influential and international hip-hop Super star and songwriter whose lyrical concepts are remarkably impacted by love, inspirational, social, economical and educative principles towards his targeted august funs globally and gained popularity in fairly American hip-hop genre in the year 2019 and hails from Ghana in Africa.

    Sethoo Gh has overwhelmingly adopted innumerable projects as a prestigious songswiter for countless Musicians worldwide with regards to divergent genres including hip-hop, Afro pop, soul R&B, dancehall and many more anticipated genres for both the legendary and infant Musicians Nationwide. He emerged tremendously with astonishing tracks of my love, neighbor,treat,true love and many more tracks impacted with overwhelming lyrical concepts gearing from love, socio economic life and cultural values with educative principles respectively.

    The remarkable lyrical concepts of Sethoo Gh music has made him gained prestigious credibility and popularity by the remarks as most influential and international hip-hop super star from divergent entertainment zones worldwide.

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