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True/false: some people have confidence in themselves and love life while others have no confidence and hate life ?

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    Sadly, that is true.

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    True - Some people have confidence in themselves and love life while others have no confidence and hate life.

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    Definitely very true and you know what the only major difference between these people is? Habits! Confidence actually has little to nothing to do with it. Confidence is either just something accumulated from experiences mostly, or it is just false ego.

    The focus of the conscious mind is the main habit that effects overall enjoyment and even how your life unfolds for the most part. Negative thinking is easy to get stuck in, but if you work toward seeing things realistically and in a more positive healthy way, that will automatically take over as well. All humans for the most part operate from the subconscious. Patterns of thinking and patterns of behavior are all that really separate happy people and unhappy people. It takes some time and practice to change habits, mental habits and behavioral habits, it can seem impossible at first. It's often not easy to change at first, but truthfully with consistent practice, negativity has no hope in the long run. No hope at all. Positive ways of looking at things start to take over naturally from the subconscious if you keep leading your mind there consciously. A few months of doing it and it just becomes entirely automatic, natural. 

    I have had a hard time even getting down about much of anything for well over 18 years now. Earlier in my life however I had some pretty dark struggles mentally, dealing with family and all sorts of nonsense. It's so far behind me now I can barely even relate to my old self because quite frankly, I was just stuck in silly ways of thinking and very unproductive negative mental perceptions. I learned to think this way by past experiences and from many influences in my life I'd say, but I climbed out simply by training myself into a healthier and more honest way of looking at everything. I remember I use to wonder if this life was worth it at times and sometimes I had a hard time finding a good answer. It's probably been at least 20 years now since that kind of idea even seriously crossed my mind. 

    Also! If you are a person who wants to go from unhappy to happy, another thing that can really help is to express your appreciation for this amazing gift of life. Learn to have reverence for what you are a part of, rather than despise it or be afraid of it. If you tell yourself how bad things are, your mind will keep looking there, so it becomes impossible to escape negative thinking and perspectives. It's pretty much that simple. Learn to focus on good things more. It's not about being unreal and ignoring negative things, it's just about not getting stuck into those kinds of patterns. You can still look at things analytically and honestly. Train yourself to be open and aware, rather than afraid or angry or just plain negative. It's healthy mindedness vs unhealthy mindedness. It's a choice really, though it often can seem as though it isn't one. It truly is. Whatever a persons perception is of things overall, positive or negative, it's often hard to see the other point of view. The mind's way of seeing is fairly narrow as now even proven by science actually. These perceptions we have however are learned behaviors. 

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    That's absolutely true, sad, but true.

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    i think that could be true

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