What are employers looking for when they ask the question ' Why would you make a good fit for the company? '?

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    In order to answer this question, you always need to do your research on what a company does. KNOW the business before you apply for a job.   It is also a good idea to have done some research on the position you are applying for and KNOW the sort of things you would be doing in that position.  

    The more you know about the company you are applying to and the more you know about the job you are applying for, the better your answers will be during the interview.  

    When asked that kind of question - a typical answer should involve something like "my experience doing ........................... will help me do .....................for your company." Or "my training in this ..............will be useful for ..........................part of the job I am applying for.  

    In some cases, if you feel you have already highlighted the best parts of your skills and training while answering previous questions, then this question can also be answered just by selectively describing your personality and how that will fit in the company.  (example- I am a highly motivated individual and I feel my drive for results in all that I do will help the company.)

    There is really no one right answer to this kind of question and you have to get a sense of how the interview is going to decide if the manager is looking for skills or personal traits when asking that question.  You can even answer with a little of both - skill and personal trait.  (example - I am highly motivated and have experience in..........  I feel that my drive for results along with that experience could be a value to your company)

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    they want to know if youd be good at working there

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    They're looking to see if the candidate just regurgitates some canned answer from the internet, or if the candidate actually has an understanding of the role to be filled and how they specifically can contribute.  

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