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Does this mean anything? Have another meaning? Could my crush be gay?

I've had a crush on this guy for a couple months (we are 16). He goes to my school. I was stalking him (not creepily, just looking for photos) and I found his YouTube channel. On one video, this guy (who also goes to our school) commented "your gay" and someone else wrote "gay-WHat" or something I can't remember. His channel has like 200 various gaming videos.. Are those just insults or is he actually gay?Do those just have another meaning I don't know about? IMO he doesn't SEEM gay, but I have no idea... I saw him once talking to a guy friend of mine who is gay, but I know they were on the way to class together. I've also seen him talk to other people. He is kinda introverted tho, like me. BTW I have nothing against gay people, but I really hope this guy isn't gay because I like him :(. He has made eye contact with me couple times during class, but he hasn't talked to me yet. If anyone could help me, that would be great. I'm just really confused and honestly kinda bummed. Thanks.

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    anything is possible

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