How would I add up the money for my apartment?

I am going to look at apartments in two days. I was furloughed from my first job and I am getting EDD currently. I also was just hired at a new job. 

The apartment said they wanted to factor in last year's W-2 to see how much I made in my previous job also because the furlough is temporary. So I guess they still count that as income.

Also, EDD stubs plus my brother works currently and they need his stubs as well.

The apartment told me there is no income requirement. What would I add up?

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  • 1 month ago
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    They asked for last year's W-2s.  That doesn't seem complicated.  If your income is greater this year, which it sounds like it is not, then you'd want to show them more recent paystubs.  There is nothing to 'add up' other than that.

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