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Is COVID-19 just a way for the Chinese to depopulate England?

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    Possibly, and not just England.

    Due to its unusual make up, some scientists have suggested that it may be a man-made virus that accidentally escaped out of the lab before it could be properly weaponized, thus the massive effort by the Chinese to cover up its origins.  For example, it appears to NOT have the markings of viruses found in wet markets like they originally claimed it came from.

    It may be that the Chinese leadership was looking for a killer virus that they could develop an immunity to, immunize their people with it (without them necessarily even knowing about it, for example by making it an oral vaccine and putting it in the drinking supply), then kill off most of the world with it without it hurting their own people.  The Chinese government is that evil and sinister to do such a thing.

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    What about China?  No one has escaped the reach of the virus. Humanity is being awoken to our lack of balance in the natural system we exist in. 

    We can't go back to our bad behaviour of the past. We need to go forward in a positive way by connecting to each other above our differences.

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    If so it's not working.  England's population continues to slowly increase.

  • Absolutely . Chinese economic protocol is to ruin sources of income .

     Fermi Paradox / Isaac Arthur recommended for you 

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