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Gas Leak Scared?!?

So I was in my kitchen and it smelt like gas that you would use on an outdoor grille. I was confused and it was like 4 am when I smelt it because I was in my kitchen doing work and was heading to bed.I hadn't smelt it before but i've always had a fear of like gas stoves for these reasons. I decided to go to bed but put in a work order for the maintenance guy to come check it. He said all knobs were tight and it wasn't hissing and he didn't smell it. I had my dad come check it and he did the windex on the hose test to see if it bubbles and it didn't so we knew it wasn't leaking but I can sometimes smell that smell very faintly. I am not sure why. What can I do to make it stop. And when I say faintly like I don't even smell it when I walk by its like if I am standing over the stove and smelling, then I smell it. I am not sure what to do about it or if it is an issue but everything is tight and not leaking so am I just going crazy?

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  • elhigh
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    4 weeks ago

    If you're smelling it, then there's gas getting out somewhere.  You can't just swab the bubble solution on the pipe, get it on the joints.  Also check inside the stove for its gas plumbing, there's more joints in there too.

    If you have a gas stove, you may also have a gas water heater and/or clothes dryer, so check their supply lines as well.

    And finally, know this: long before the gas concentration becomes dangerous in your home, the smell will be so overpowering you won't be able to tolerate being in the space with it.  This is a fact, that odorant is crazy strong and pervasive, which is exactly why they use it.  You'll leave the area before it becomes dangerous.

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    Put some foamy soap on a dish brush and scrub both sides of the black gasket of  your garbage disposer. Also, check the drip tray under your refrigerator. Go into your food storage bin and check for rotten potatoes. If you have any gas appliances, turn the gas off at the gas meter and then check again for smells and leaks, Do the bubble test on all connections and valves.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    If your maintenance checked all your connections and did not find a leak then it's not coming from YOUR stuff--it may be coming from a neighboring unit or house. Air circulation can't be predicted sometimes. You may have had a neighbor who left their gas on for a brief period, then the air made its way to your place and you smelled that. It may be an ongoing issue. Did the maintenance guy check the feeder line into the building?  If not, call the gas company to come and look at it--let them know you keep smelling gas in your unit and your appliances and connectors have been checked and were found to be sound. They may have to check nearby units to find the leak. 

    Gas leaks should not EVER be ignored and passed off as 'imagination'. They put that noxious smell into natural gas for a reason--and you are right to be concerned. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    small amounts of gas will not explode if an open flame is present, it just bursts into flame.  find the outside gas valve.  check that you can turn it to off.  then use a fan or something near the stove to blow any accumulated gas away.  after that, your long reach butane lighter can safely be used to check for actual gas leaks ... if there is one, it will flame when you get the lighter near it.  The location of the flame will tell you where it is.  then you can turn the gas off to the house, thus putting the flame out.  and then the maintenance guy will have an actual location that needs repair, instead of a guess.  there are several other possible causes of this smell ... including a decomposing rodent that died inside the wall.  -- granddad

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  • Edwena
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    You need to learn the difference between sensing a smell and actually smelling the odor.  What you are doing is checking for the odor because you are worried and you brain is triggering the sense.  The way to cure the problem is to actually learn the difference.  And the way to do that is turn the valve on and actually smell the odor of the gas.  It will be stronger and more powerful than your sense. The same thing in reverse happens with noise. You can have music on and not hear it, even if it is loud.  Why can't you?  You have your hearing sense turned off.  The sound is beating on your eardrum, etc. but you brain is not responding to it.

  • 1 month ago

    Friend you are sensitive to the chemical ethyl mercaptan. which is the stenching odor that is added to natural gas so that you can smell it if there's a gas leak. It's very apparent that you do not trust gas appliances so if you can't conquer your fear of gas appliances with your quite likely safe in this day and age get rid of the gas stove and give yourself peace of mind even if it was a brand new stove and got inspected every single day by a certified inspector you would still have that fear why live with that fear just get rid of the gas stove and get yourself an electric appliance

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should have someone come and check it out

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