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Describe an experimental procedure that you could use to determine the unknown charge on a metal sphere without changing the charge on the sphere. The diagram below shows equipment available for you to use.

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    1.   You will charge the ebonite rod negatively by rubbing it with the animal fur, as the fur holds electrons more loosley than the rod will, and some electrons will move to the rod.

    2. transfer the negative charge to the electroscope by touching the rod to the top metal plate.  The electroscope vanes will diverge due to the excess neg charges  flowing into them.

    3.  Handle the base of the sphere [ which is insulated ] and move the sphere over, without touching the top plate of the electroscope. 

    If the sphere has a Neg. excess charge, the electroscope should react by having its vanes diverge even farther apart  as more electrons move away from the sphere and into the vanes. 

    If the sphere has a positive charge, the vanes will diverge less since some of the electrons in the vanes will rush to the top plate of electroscope , being attracted by the  + sphere, thus the vanes will be less negative and diverge less.

    Then you will know if the sphere is  +  or  -  charged.  Of course, this will not work if the room conditions are not correct... like high moisture, for example.

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