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Can anyone help me ? Is this an akbash or pyr? I just rescued him . Underweight, male, about 50 lbs should probably be 65-70. Very chill. ?

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    It appears to be a lab X to me.

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    It's neither. He looks like a lab mix. Great Pyrenees are much larger and with much thicker fur. Akbash have a distinctive curled tail and are also larger than you describe this dog being. Kuvasz are also larger and with thicker coats than this dog has.

  • 1 month ago

    It would help us to know HEIGHT at the shoulder.  Some of the breeds you asked about are huge = (28-34" at the shoulder).  Probably not a pure-bred, at any rate. 

    It does not have the wavy heavier coat of a Pyr or Kuvaz.  It looks more "like" the pictures I am pulling up of a Askbash (aside from tail)  but they are so rare, it is more likely to be a mix of White GSD and English cream Lab, OR a MIX of one of the former breeds: Pyr, Kuvaz, Akbash.

    Have the dog checked for a microchip by your vet or a shelter and at least advise the shelter, you have found this dog (and include pictures).  Shop on for any breed rescues..... of the above breeds in TX.

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    He could be either, or perhaps a Kuvasz (the second picture suggests that to me).

    Tail carriage apart, I suggested Kuvasz because I've seen this breed (worked with somebody who bred them) and some did look like this.   Bear in mind also that given his condition when found, his coat may have been affected as well as his weight and so on.

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  • 1 month ago

    Another pic. He needs a rescue btw. In south texas

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