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Is the road that leads from Kensington to Hammersmith Broadway the Great West Road and is it the same as the Talgarth Road?

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    The original coaching route was King Street which went through the Broadway from  Kensington High Street.  This followed part of the Roman Road (The Devil's Highway) to Silchester and is the A315 on maps. When the A4 was constructed/improved to the south it extended the line of Cromwell Road with new bridges over the railway lines to join up with Talgarth Road, originally developed as a surburban street (the north side of Talgarth Road had to be pulled down to widen the road.) Then on to the Hammersmith Flyover. It then continued on to the urban clearway, now rather grandly called the Great West Road: that section is totally new and ploughed through a low density area parallel to the river to join up with the Hogarth Roundabout and thence on to the M4. 

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    In a word, yes.

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