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Why can't I make friends?

Every time I try and strike up a conversation in public I just get ignored.

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    Because everyone nowadays is so unfriendly.

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    It's easier to make friends if you have interests in common. So, for instance, if you like anime, you try to find an anime group in your area or online that you can join. Joining an online group is often easier because you don't have to meet people face to face, but you can still have conversations with them about stuff that you're both interested in. Think of it as practice for face-to-face conversations. But many people have online friends that they've been talking to for 20 years or more and those friendships can be very important.

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    1 month ago

    You can’t just walk up to random strangers and start up a conversation.

    It’s awkward and inappropriate.

    They’ll think you are creepy or mentally ill.

    There’s a time and place to try to chat to people and chatting to randoms in public is not it.

    You need to work on your social skills, try chatting in a social situation, with friends of friends, in groups etc.

    Don’t be the creepy stranger who tries to chat on a train or in a queue, no one likes that.

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