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Should I say something to my mom's friend daughter?

My dad died when I was a baby so I grew up with a single mom and she chose to be single after my dad died. She didn't want a man. That is her choice.

My mom's best friend has a husband that travels a lot and visits his wife sometimes. Over the years I have seen her friend and the daughter as family. I became friends with her daughter. But lately her daughter stopped calling me or even answering my phone calls, I told my mom about it but then I am thinking since her daughter is diabetic and going through dialysis, she has health issues so no worries.

The problem these days is that when my mom calls her best friend, the daughter picks up the phone saying "her husband is here, she's not available." My mom is not telling her friend that her daughter keeps answering the phone calls and saying "She's not here, Or she left"

I was wondering if I should tell my mom that if her best friend's husband is there, he's only there like 1 or two months in a year since he travels a lot, just leave her alone. But my mom was just asking her friend a question and the daughter just answers the phone. I don't know if her best friend is being fake or the daughter is just jealous and don't nobody hanging out with her mom?

I feel bad for my mom that she chose to be single because me and my brother was a little kid and she didn't want a strange man in the house, who knows what kind of creep he'll be she thought. The fact that she is single maybe is the reason why she yells a lot, in a bad mood alot

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    That girl seems like a weird person, or maybe her mom always tell her to say that.

    Tell your mom to not call them anymore, and I hope she can find love.

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