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How do i do this question????

Use the polygon method of vector addition to construct on the axes below a graphical solution to theproblem in Figure 3-6. Use the scale 1.00 cm = 10.0 N.

Resultant vector length = __________cm

Force represented by this length = __________N

Direction of resultant relative toxaxis = __________degrees

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    The polygon method involves arranging the vectors head-to-tail; when done, the resultant lies from the first tail to the last head. For your two vectors, you can either "slide" F2 to the right OR slide F1 up along F2.

    Then you have to use the scale they say -- 1.00 cm = 10.0 N. You'll have to use the scale on your original image. For example, if the length of your resultant turns out to be 7.50 cm, then the force is 75.0 N

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