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Why is the family unit in America so much different than the family unit overseas in more poverty stricken countries?

I notice poor families are much closer and have a stronger bond than rich families. Also people from other countries tend to have closer family units than people in America. In America, most families, the dad is always working, the mom is always working, and the kid is always at daycare or on his iPad or computer or watching tv playing video games. Everyone is isolated. Overseas, families cook together, clean together, work together, have family owned businesses, do activities together, etc etc. In America, I notice this only happens in poorer families, and minority families.

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    Hi there. 

    It's not just in America. You get this differentiation within all countries and all race groups. Unfortunately when we grow up we are taught what is important. I believe that for some, money is important and for some it goes deeper to what you do with the money being important. If you fall in the latter group but you can still be rich and be close to your family. 

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    Because in overseas countries, the family unit knows its place. Here in America, the husband and wife are usually fighting over control and undermining each other and they’re not accepting their place in the family, so there’s not a closeness

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    cause everyplace is different

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    You are confusing necessity with desire.  Poor families HAVE TO live in close quarters, pool resources and rely on one another.  They don't have any other choice.    Give those families money, and they'd do it different.  Guaranteed.    It doesn't matter what country they live in.

    You are correct that minorities are at an economic disadvantage in the USA. 

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