How popular is Princess Daisy?

Hi. I'm just curious about this.

I don't know how popular and famous Daisy is. She's like a second banana to Princess Peach. She has mainly appeared in side Mario games since her debut, but hadn't been playable in any official Nintendo platformer until SUPER MARIO MAKER (the first one) and SUPER MARIO RUN came out, and both games came out almost three decades after her debut. She was added to the roster of playable characters in The Super Smash Bros. series as an echo fighter to Princess Peach. A lot of people seem to like her.

I lot of people think she's the better princess - she has a more developed, fleshed-out personality than Peach. She's a strong independent tomboy who can handle her own, while Peach is the stereotypical girly girl damsel in distress.

But if Daisy is "the better princess" why hadn't Nintendo featured her in more official platformers? 

She wasn't playable or even featured as a supporting character in SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD which was odd, while Princess Rosalina was playable.

Please help. Thank you.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't think she is that popular. People can name 5 other Mario characters before naming Daisy. I don't see how you think Daisy has a more developed personality than Peach. All that is shown of her across all of the games is her fashion choices and a few recorded lines. 

    Peach, meanwhile, has a supporting role in some of the main games' storues. Granted, she plays the damsel in distress role more often, but that is still more than whatever Daisy has. 

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