Ancelotti at the helm and hes made good signings, Everton could be the team to watch this season ?

how long they can sustain good results like their first two,  time will tell but its an unforgiving league and one moment you're favorite to finish top 4 the next, you've missed out. 

James Rodrigues is still showing his class and ability at 29, the pass he made into Richarlson which Calvert Lewin finished off to make it 4-2 was world class.

Still though, if they finish top 6 or 5 that would be a great achievement for them this year.  Question is, whether they are consistent and good enough to go 38 game and secure 6th or 5th ?

2 Answers

  • yeah i know they are not looking too shabby, i have to admit....long season though..

  • 4 weeks ago

    I like them a lot, really hope they get top four. Everton is a huge club it deserves some CL football. Imagine if United first game today was them and not Palace? Could’ve been 5-0 

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