Can I put my HDD into another laptop ?

Can I put my HDD from my Hp Pavilion 17-f020us into my ASUS Chromebook C523NA-IH24T? I spilled something on my pavilion and I think I fried the motherboard so I’m just wondering if that’s possible since the ASUS has 64GB of space and the pavilion has 750GB HDD space. 


Is the 64GB in the ASUs a different type of space than the 750GB of space ? Because I see the processor is better in the ASUS just wondering do the company’s word things differently 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Not in this particular scenario. The Chromebook uses an eMMC chip on the motherboard for storage, not a hard drive or removable SSD. There are no SATA (or M.2) connectors on the motherboard, and no spare room in the case. 

    "Is the 64GB in the ASUs a different type of space than the 750GB of space"

    Yes, in a couple ways. One, the storage in the ASUS isn't removable. It's part of the motherboard. Two, it's a type of Flash storage, like SD cards or a USB thumb drive. Hard drives have moving parts; solid state / flash drives do not.

  • 1 month ago

    Only possible use of the HDD from a laptop into that Chromebook is as a USB enclosure storage place.  For not very much, you can buy a case and connector cable for that hard disk.  But because of the connection out by USB, there will be slower reading from and writing to it compared to the eMMC storage inside the Chromebook.

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