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If your sister leaves all the time, do you give away her dog that she doesnt care about?

We agreed when we got the dog in Feb, she’d be responsible for the dog bc the other two dogs are mine. Now she loves to say the dog is “hers” all the time, when she’s gone 24/7 at her bf’s house. 

Technically not my house, it’s dads house. 

But I’m the only one who seems to care about dogs; both dad and sister only want them for fun but not to actually take care of them. So the dog hasnt gotten heartworm medicine in two or three months now, even before sister got a bf, bc she just doesnt care about spending money on the puppy... She may even still need shots she hasnt gotten bc I left it up to my sister. I dont have money for all three and so she has basically abandoned her dog... Dad can never say no, thats why we got the third dog, and dad doesnt want me giving up the dog bc that would be “mean” to my sister who doesnt care about the dog or even want the dog at her bf’s place... Even when she rarely comes home every two weeks or so, she goes to her room and yells at the dog to get out of her room so she doesnt even spend time with the dog...

So would you give the dog away if no one cares about taking care of the dogs but you, and you can’t afford three.....?

Lemme mention growing up, dad bought us several dogs but never took them to the vet bc he didnt want to pay, and they all died within weeks or months... And my sister seems to have the same attitude as my dad and I dont want to just wait around to wake up to another dead dog....

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    This is something you need to work out as a family.  Is it that much more of an effort with one more dog?  I kept 5 at most all times & the only difference is the amount of dog food they go through.  It is just as easy to feed 5 as it is one.  It may take one more minute to fill some more bowls & set them out.  One minute.  Is this dog a pain in the butt to you?  Start calling all the dogs yours & argue with sister cause she is never there.  Why can't she take the dog with her?  BF can't have pets?

    As I see it, the dog belongs to you.  No one else even bothers.  If caring for this dog is too much for you to handle, let it be known that you are looking for a good home to place it in.  See how fast that sister can change her ways, if she gives a damn about the dog.

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    Call Animal Control, report the abuse, they will take the dogs (all of them) and that's the end of that problem.

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    tell her she needs to take the dog with her when she goes there

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