What you think of this Swedish gangster rap video?

You like the flow? How does it compare to american rap?


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Translation of the lyrics

[Intro: K27]

Stick up stick up

[Chorus: K27]

Stick up stick up, it's a robbery

***** ***** it’s a robbery

I hope money falls down

So we get rich like in the lottery (lotto)

And we live like in movies

They love the white no winter

Call the weatherman quickly call len

Because they might be snowing all the ******* time

[Verse 1: K27]

She's stuck

On K27’s aura

Ey take it a little launa

Back back

I throw

All these rappers

They live on zero facts

Haha haha

I knew the music would work

Because still my money has to shower

My rods are magical

And my braj takes you to Africa

Here we do not live legally

We like chill in our bas-ish

Ba drift disconnect-ish

Forward with the cold if they ever happen crunch-ish

Yahoo answers didn't let me post all of it.

1 Answer

  • Mr.412
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The flow and lyrics are a lot like American rap music. The instrumentals are much more upbeat and relaxing, sounding more like Jamaican or African music. 

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