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Can we stop acting like all kids who are outcasts in school are all nice people?

I hate this misconception.

Growing up, I had issues with both the "popular" kids and the "outcasts." I was naive and tried to befriend outcasts because I thought they would be nice, but they were just as immature and toxic. One girl, I'll call her Mary, was just as bitchy. She was bullied and unpopular in school too, but she would gossip about me to others just like the popular kids did. She was just as toxic as the "popular" kids and she was the one who eventually cut me off.When I see people talk about how unpopular kids should befriend fellow outcasts, I laugh because the idea that all outcasts are nice is complete bullshit.This is why I am happy that the movie Mean Girls basically showed that this was a misconception with Janis Ian's character. Janis was an outcast, but she was just as bitchy/spiteful as the "Queen Bee" Regina George was, thus showing off that misconception.

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    WOW?  How long ago was 2004 again?  You still remember what people did to you then?  You have C-PTSD or BPD then probably. Its ok, I am not making fun of you or griefing.  Being 100% honest.

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    Remember that some people are rejected because as you say, they gossip and are unlikeable, this only makes them even more bitter. And then there's the socially awkward kids who hate society and are bitter as well.

    Truth is, most people suck.

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    It's all relative, but you should only befriend people who don't rub you the wrong way. Irrespective of whether they're "popular" or "outcasts."

    In the same way not all outcasts are nice people, not all popular people are necessarily fake or drama whores. Everyone has a different personality that doesn't match stereotype description. 

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