Isnt racism just normal form of misunderstandings?

Depending who has the power grip. So of course people who make this cult belief that certain people who dont look like you are bad, then that means they need to be taken care of. For historical reference, Judaism and Aryanism has very huge similarities to each other. A chosen race, picked to rule the earth and conquer everyone under their rule for a chosen people.

Black Israelites would be the equivalent to the black race variant of that

I am just saying. Isnt that why people hate others, just because they develop huge grudges and mistrust that it develops into a virus?

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  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Racism:  believing or pretending that humans come in  genetically distinct races


    Judging people on superficial traits such as skincolour, eyecolour, skullshape, haircolour, hairtype, nationality, ethnicity, religion etc

    No. Deliberate propagandalies are not "normal misunderstandings"

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