MAN UTD 1-3 CRYSTAL PALACE - Is this really a shock result?

I hope this serves as a wake up call to Woodward and the Glazers because a lack of transfer activity hasn’t helped at all BUT I still expect us to play much better than that.

This loss has been coming since last season as well.


I don’t consider this a shock result at all.

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  • it's the result shock or otherwise  lolz

  • 4 weeks ago

    Should've been 5-1, enjoy a relegation battle you c*nt. 

  • 4 weeks ago


    good question.

    Yes it is and no it isn't.

    does that answer your question ?

    I'll answer why it is a shock result.   They were at home.  Its Manchester United we're talking about,  Palace have come to town.  Deal with them, just do what it takes to put in a graft and get the result, a scrappy unconvincing 2-1,  a late winner after a dull 0-0 for long spells of the game... anything.  Just needed to show up today and match their intensity and get a result of some sort. Even a 3-3 today would have been fine, but for United to buckle under the pressure the way they did was insane.

    Why its not a shock result.  Each month of each season,   as time has gone by since their last title triumph,  these kind of results have started to become the norm.  Do not forget they got beat by Palace last season at home too. Last season or the season before this,  we were talking about how these sort of defeats were a unthinkable under Fergies reign, and how United would never lose games like this etc etc etc

    Now nobody spends more than a second on discussing 'their problems' and nobody over analyses where they're going wrong in games simply because, its been done too much and its now 'not a shock'  if they lsoe a game like this at home to a side like Palace.

    this is exactly what kind of happend to LFC post 1990.  1991 onwards we went through a similar spiral of decline.

    got to a point where when we got beat at home by a **** team, it wasn't a shock.

    same thing is happening now at MUFC.  Their stadium is leaking at the Sir Bobby Charlton end too,   they seem unable to match the heights they set under SAF,  no matter what they do, and in order to out spend their biggest rivals in the epl they need to start becoming successful again and market themselves as fashionable when reality is, they aren't , theyre just yesterdays news.  what uncle and aunty loved.

    Donny Van De Beek looks like a quality signing but why he wasn't started in this game I'll never know.   Perhaps Ole was protecting him,  given hes fresh and new to epl but if you've come here to be protected maybe this league isnt meant for you and you should be playing else where. just saying,  this is not a league for managers to protect new signings - you tell them,  welcome to epl - now get out there son and show me and the rest what you can do!

    the only way to learn is to do.  put him out there, what did you sign him for ? sell more merchandise and match programmes lol ??

    The only time Man United are becoming of any interest is when they come to Anfield or when we go there to Old Trafford so we can sing while winning and taunt them about being #1 , otherwise they're not important to us nor is any other club for that matter in the prem.  All that mattered last season was trying to take as mayn points possible from as many games possible and we did.  Nothing will change for us this season.

    United need to take a leaf out of our book too if they want to have a good season on which to build on, but how many YEARS have we kept on saying that SAME THING ?

  • 1 month ago

    This better be a wakeup call.

    I don't understand signing a midfielder when a centre back or centre forward is a bigger priority.

    Literally any other non-midfield position would make more sense, not that I'm criticising the player we signed.

    Rashford and Martial aren't good enough finishers consistently to be regular starters as strikers and Greenwood is an 18 year old who's had a decent half season, which doesn't stake a good enough claim for us and honestly, Rashford needs dropping.

    Ighalo's still here surprisingly, which is fine, but I doubt he's good enough to be a regular starter, though is fine as a second choice for depth, if nothing else.

    Luke Shaw can't stay fit and Williams isn't good enough, so I think left back is a priority, unless Dalot can play there well enough.

    Centre back is probably a priority too TBH, at least Lindelof needs replacing - I'd give Smalling a chance, as I'm sure his loan spell his done and I think he's quicker than Lindelof at least.

    What's even worse about not signing someone, is the fact that we keep deadwood, whether they never play due injury or in general aren't good enough.

    Honestly, I'm even doubting if Pogba and Fernandes should play together, because whilst I do think it's mandatory to have more than one creative source in the team, Pogba's not as effective deeper, unless Fernandes wants to play a bit deeper and can do so well enough.

    A right winger has been a priority for a while, but I'd happily put that on hold to bring in a striker and centre back, because why create if we can't finish, players like Fernandes can do that, but they look like **** if no one can finish.

    Like I said before a loan spell isn't a bad option and could be the difference between us finishing top four, vs us not, because there's no way in hell we're going to be challenging for the title any time soon, maybe we'll have a good spell for like 3-4 weeks maximum, but even then, I think that's highly optimistic.

    The first half lagged too much for me to say much, but when you're a goal behind, you've always got the chance to get ****** at the back and that's what happened, not that we broke them down well enough.

    We can keep the ball in attacking areas, but I think two new attacking players (CF & RW) are mandatory, because they can at least make runs and not make the likes of Fernandes seem pointless, but I'm kind of worried that we may not attack as much, due to being **** at the back, both centrally and at left back, though central defence is more of a concern in terms of defending.

    Either we sign someone of finish in our beloved 6th place IF we're lucky.

    Source(s): Man Utd fan.
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