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What should I do? ?

A friend of mine is completely terrified of flying. She has flown before as a kid, but for some reason has developed this ideology that her plane will be hijacked or she’ll die some other way. I believe this is from a lack of encouragement from her growing up etc but that’s not important now anyway and none of my business. I want to help her overcome this however, she is quite stubborn about it and doesn’t want the help. Yet, complains to me that she wants to fly? There’s only so much advice I can give if she isn’t going to take it. I’m just wondering what else I can do, I could buy her the plane experience thing that helps you but that wouldn’t get used. I want to be able to go away on trips with her and do all the things our other friends do and I don’t want to leave her out, it kind of holds me back sometimes because we have gone on “girly trips” away and the whole thing had to be facilitated to her which was 3 boats which to me was too much. I understand this isn’t for me to complain about as this is a genuine fear, I really understand,  but I hope someone understands at least where I am coming from where it can be annoying on my part. She also won’t get on trains may I add and refuses to learn to drive for the same reason, thinks she is going to die. 

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    The next time you're both on a boat, hire some actors to "hijack" it and make her a "hostage". This should transfer her fear of flying to one of sailing. Stands to reason, and it can't possibly fail. Hope this helped, etc.

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