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What happened to our ancient past, why are there strange, huge monolithic structures that are so heavy built for, were they done by aliens?


Modern engineers tried to replicate the Great Pyramids, they weren't able to do it.

Update 2:

Also, the eastern island heads are very eerie.

Update 3:

Even with our modern engineering technology today, we would even struggle trying to lift those heavy stones. 

Update 4:

@wereq, true but scientists were able to figure out that the Great Pyramids were older than Egypt itself by measuring the erosions.

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    Those people could be more intelligent than us. Some chemicals or materials could exist at that time which are no more available now. They all could be the structures of God and his people. Yes i am serious. They all are marvelling and so unbeliveable. They are a mystery just like our Universe.

  • garry
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    4 weeks ago

    well lets go to the past and ask them , only 3000 years old. or you can listen to Bob Dylans famous words The answer is blowin in the wind .

  • Elaine
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    Don't dismiss our ancient ancestors.  They were very resourceful and intelligent. You mention the pyramids.  The construction of them is an engineering problem and the one  thing engineers are excellent at is problem solving.  Engineers are more creative than what most people give them credit for. How do we know that the ancients didn't invent tools such as block and tackle, levers, etc and use them for their construction projects?   In fact most of the tools we use today were invented by the ancients. 

    If you look at the rope bridges used in the Andes they can be constructed in less than a week and be good shape for years. To smooth the surface of a stone which will be used in construction all one needs is a bit of sand placed on the top surface and then another stone on top of the sand.  All one then has to do is move the top stone until the desired smoothness and levelness is attained. Have a look at what a carpenter can do using only a piece of chalk and string. 

    In fact problem solving can be a very creative process. 

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    well its a fact we dont have the technology today to build the pyramids the stones were so pewciselt placed wven a razor blade cabt slide berween

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    No they weren't.  The idea that aliens did anything whatsoever is completely redundant.  Humans are amazingly resourceful.

  • Manuel
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    1 month ago

    Seriously?, why bring in the "space"boogeyman into it?.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Even though they lacked modern technology, some ancient people were smarter than most modern people.

  • Tom
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    Modern Humans existed on Earth some 250,000 years.    Plenty of time for us to have built civilizations as advanced as our own and beyond---before being wiped out in some cosmic calamity and after 10,000 years or so rebuild Civilization AGAIN MANY times over.----We are the same people---We didn't stand around 240,000 years with our fingers up our butts  before "Waking up 10,000 years ago.

    NO Aliens needed, we were likely advanced enough to build such stuff a cycle or two back.---And likely DID

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    "Monolith"  means "one rock".  The pyramids involve thousands of large rocks, each.  No big mystery on construction with properly motivated slaves.

  • John
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    1 month ago

    "I don't know how to do it so it must of been mythical beings" is a huge red marker of the profoundly ignorant.

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    What "strange, huge monolithic structures" ?? can you list just one ?

    pyramids?? any good construction company could easily duplicate these, they are just rocks piled on top of each other, not difficult. 

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