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Are people who call for a "quick question" that they could email, particularly outside of normal working hours, annoying?

So typical: late on Friday night, a person who I work with emailed and said, "Hey, need your cell number- I have a quick question."

Like I want to have a work phone call when I'm in the middle of having a drink after dinner.

So I emailed back and said that I was wrapping up dinner and could email.

This morning the person responded by email, asking a question that was a simple yes/no and that I needed details for.  There was no reason to interrupt my Friday night after work, and the person admitted that the query was not urgent.  The person could have just sent the question by email when he emailed me the first time.

Anyone else annoyed by people at work who insist on calling, particularly at off-hours, when they could email just as easily?

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  • Jerry
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    1 month ago
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    My thought is "If it's not time sensitive, then don't treat it like it's time sensitive." 

    Before sending out that "Please give me your time and attention NOW" request, it's thoughtful to consider that that the person you're contacting may be enjoying a hot meal, taking a bath, enjoying a romantic moment, in the middle of a movie, up to the elbows in a mess. Unless it can't wait, make allowanced for the person to let it wait. 

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i think they shouldve emailed too

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