Seller claiming I need to cancel a dispute to get a refund through paypal? ?

I purchased an online game that I thought worked on mac, come to find out. The game doesn't work on mac, so I emailed them telling them why I wasn't told to the game doesn't work on mac and asked for a refund, I also filed a dispute claim with paypal because that was very shady. I received a email back stating "For us, to be able to refund the purchase, we need that the Paypal dispute is canceled (so we receive the money, and we can refund)." What!? That makes no sense at all, if you issue a refund doesn't it closes by itself? I responded that I will not be canceling the dispute because I will not be able to reopen it. I don't get where the money went? It's not in my bank account or in paypal! The game was pretty expensive too. 


Thank you and if the payment is refunded on their part, it automatically closes the dispute. 

Update 2:

Slinkterp, the gaming system I brought it on works on mac sir! 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    The problem you have is that it is YOUR responsibility to know if it works for MAC or not when you buy it.....

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Tell them to remit your refund and you'll cancel the dispute but not a moment before.  (but be sure you do cancel after you get your money so they can be reimbursed)

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