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I bought my sister a Core i9 9900k but she doesn't want it?

She says her Core i7-8700k is good enough and she won't let me put the Core i9-9900k in her system. What should I do with the Core i9 9900k? 


The 9900k will work on early 300-series board with a BIOS update. Please don't spread false or wrong information about CPU upgrades because people do find these Q&A's using Google.

Update 2:

Intel has always been know to support 2 Generations per socket.

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    Swallow it and hope you choke. Better do this before you have kids, don't want to contaminate the gene pool with you're stupidity 

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    Your question isn't actually a question, but a statement.

    If it hasn't been opened then return it to amazon or wherever you got it from. If it's been opened then you can sell it on Craigslist.

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    if it has a 8700, a 9900 probably wouldn't work anyways.

    one is 8th gen, the other is 9th gen.

    if you cannot return to the store, eBay is your friend.

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