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How to lose weight with autism/sensitivity to taste?

My girlfriend is concerned about her weight and body image. The problem is that she is on the autism spectrum and this makes losing weight a lot more complicated. She is an extremely picky eater because she has a hyper-sensitive sense of taste and she really doesn't like many healthy foods because they cause her a lot of distress. She is also scared of trying new things and changing her routine. Currently she does not have a lot of mental energy to do these things either because of underlying depressive symptoms. Are there any autistic people who have managed this? Doe you have any tips?

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  • 2 months ago

    Losing weight isn’t all eating healthy, it’s exercising too. I’m autistic. Something she could do is take a walk in a safe space without many cars while listening to music. Try to stay away from busy roads since they can cause anxiety. 

    If she likes shakes my mom makes shakes that are healthy. If she’s sensitive to taste, don’t force her to drink something if she doesn’t like the taste. Fruits in shakes are really good. And fruit in general. 

    I have trouble changing schedules. If she has any free time that she doesn’t feel she needs that could be used. You could also cut a couple minutes out of activities to do something. Don’t make too much change until she’s ready. 

  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    If she wants to lose weight, then she will start eating healthy foods and she will try new things.  Until she gets past that, she will most likely not lose weight.  It is that simple.

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