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How to char a steak?

I don't mean just sear it, I mean char/blacken portions of the outer surface, yet not ruin the medium rare juiciness inside?  Char is soooo tasty!

Is a cast iron pan the only way to go?  If so, won't the super high temp burn the seasoning in the pan ?

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    Part of the "char" is the seasonings that burn.  Like the Blackened Redfish the seasonings there are burned. 

    To char your steak season it first with salt only, salt will not burn. 

    Use only a THICK cut steak. 

    2 ways you can do this.

    I would get the pan very HOT then cook on one side until it is as crisp as you want then flip it over and do the same. 

    Then move the pan and steak to the oven and finish cooking it in the oven 


    Keep turning it and finish on the stove top.

    I am sure you will get a few responses that will tell you that the "char" is not healthy as it is carcinogenic. My thinking on that is I am not going to live forever, I want a good steak.

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    Use blackening seasoning.  Sear in a cast iron skillet for maybe 3 minutes per side, then heat in a 450 degree oven for six or eight minutes depending on doneness and thickness.  There are recipes for this. 

  • Walt
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    1 month ago

    a very very hot pan

  • kswck2
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    1 month ago

    Char, essentially, is the burning of the seasoning on the steak. Like a 'blackening seasoning' exposed to the high heat. A good char can be done on a Very Hot grill or in an iron skillet. But you have to be careful with the skillet, not to damage it that way. 

    Personally, I would "well" season the steak and drop it on a grill. About 2 minutes per side. An iron skillet, particularly indoors, will create a cloud of smoke that no one else will like. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need the pan to be as hot as possible.

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