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How do you get over an addiction?

I have been trying for years to not masterbate to porn. I can go 3 days and then i fail. I want this because when i don't masterbate my mind is clearer, i don't make dumb social mistakes (Mistakes with women for having little to no will power) and i feel so much better overall. I feel so dominated by this addiction, and i would give my left nut if i could go 90 days without masterbating. I no longer masterbate to porn, it doesn't interest me like it used. I still get cravings when a certain video or picture hits me with a memory of some porn. I was overweight by 80 pounds dropped 40+ pounds. And i ate because it made me feel good. But once i saw a friend get a girlfriend i decided i wanted to grow. Started exercising, then ate clean 2 weeks, and then focused on losing weight and was and still am dedicated. But with porn i just lose. It controls me and i hate it. It makes me super weird, impulsive, and  weak willed with women. They just snap their fingers and i roll over. When i am off porn, one time i reached 6 days without touching my penis. I was so creative, writing, drawing, had all the energy in the world. And was able to just flirt with women without feeling pressure or anxiety. I really need help i feel so helpless. 


It bothers me that i can break a bad habit (Over eating) but i can't stop masterbating. I love food, and i honestly didn't care at all i was so overweight. But then i pulled myself together and just started losing weight. I wish it was as easy to just stop touching my dick. I stopped using a phone at night and i can masterbate with just my imagination. 

Update 2:

I know if i drink too much water my body confuses needing to pee with being horny. So i can avoid drinking water so i don't need to pee 4-8 times at night. (Drink 2 24 fl oz bottles of water)

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    maybe sign up for NoFap.....................

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    maybe join a monastery and become a monk

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